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2016 Another great year!

I haven't written on my blog for some time with the added time spent on university studies.Sorry folks! I enrolled in a Master of Music (Musicology) and my area of research is musical meter in education and curriculum development. My focus is on the pedagogability of recent music theory in education. In 2015 I spent a semester attending a series of classes on Meter Theory given by visting lecturer to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Professor Richard Cohn, Battell Professor of the Theory of Music, Yale University. My approach to meter in education and methodology is based on the pedagogical approach to meter theory as  presented by Professor Cohn. I organised the student-led Meter Symposium in June2016 at the Sydney Conservatorium see link: .The success of the first symposium has led to a major Conservatorium (research) event Meter Symposium 2 for 24-25 February 2017. I invite you to attend please see the following links for bookings:


Have an amazing day!
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