Cherrybrook Music Studio

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About us

Member of the following Professional Associations:

  • Council member of the Music Teachers’ Association (NSW) since September 2006 to present
  • Council member of the Australian Society for Music Education, New South Wales (ASME NSW) 
  • Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators (FCSM)
  • Music Council of Australia (MCA)
  • Music Australia
  • The Society for Education
  • Music and Psychology Research (Sempre)
  • Musicological Society of Australia (MSA)
  • Society for Music Theory (SMT)
  • Accompanists’ Guild of NSW
  • Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS)
  • Society for Music Perception and Cognition
  • Piaget Society
  • Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music
  • Acoustical Society of America

Some recent achievements:

  • 2019 Conference - Mathematics and Computation in Music, "The art in mathematics, the science in                                 music" Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos,               Madrid, Spain. Paper: Milne, A. J. & Calilhanna, A. Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot Study. 

  • 2019 Milne, A. J. & Calilhanna, A. Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot Study. Manuscript submitted for                 publication.

  • 2018 Master of Music (Musicology) Thesis. Calilhanna, A. Teaching Musical Meter to School-Age Students                  Through The Ski-Hill Graph. The University of Sydney. Retrieved from                                                                         

  • 2018 Hamilton, T.J., Doai, J., Milne, A.J., Saisanas, V., Calilhanna, A., Hilton, C., Goldwater, M., Cohn, R.  “Teaching       Mathematics with Music: a pilot study.” Accepted for presentation at the IEEE International Conference on                   Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE): Engineering Next-Generation Learning, Australia, 4       - 7 December 2018.

  • 2018 Unpublished. Calilhanna, A.M. and Webb, M.Teaching time: A survey of music educators’ approaches to             meter, presented at the Meter Symposium 3, Sydney, 2018.

  • 2018 Book Chapter Hilton, C.; Calilhanna, A.; Milne, A.J. Eds. Montiel, M. and Gómez, F. “Visualizing and                       mathematical    music theory with software applications: Implications of computer-based models for practice and       education”. Theoretical and Practical Pedagogy of Mathematical Music Theory. Music for Mathematics and                   Mathematics for Musicians, From School to Postgraduate Levels. (World Scientific Press, 2018).

  • 2018 Sessional academic staff Music Education Unit – Teaching Music Theory in the Classroom, Sydney                       Conservatorium of Music: special focus on Meter.

  • 2017-18 Project collaboration: Teaching Mathematics With Music and Music With Mathematics – Schools Pilot,             Sydney (on- going).

  • 2017/18 Co-coordinator Meter Symposium 3: Nov 24-25 2018 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • 2017 December Combined Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia and the New Zealand                           Musicological Society: ‘Performing History’- Presented Music Curriculum Paper: ‘A Modern Understanding of             Musical Meter in Music Education.’

  • 2017 July ASME National Conference (Melbourne) Presented Music Curriculum paper: ‘Teaching with a Modern           Understanding of Musical Meter.’

  • 2017 June NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) register of curriculum writers and reviewers for K-12               Music.

  • 2017 Completed course: Advanced Music Analysis unit Sydney Conservatorium of Music: modern analytical               techniques in both tonality and meter.

  • 2017 Co-organised the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Musicology Colloquium Series.

  • 2017, Unpublished. Calilhanna, A. Understanding Teaching Meter Survey Report. Sydney Conservatorium of                 Music.

  • 2016/17  Research Assistant to Senior Lecturer, Music Education Unit, (Thesis Project: Understanding and                   Teaching Meter Survey and Report), Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • 2016 to present – Project collaboration ‘Computational generation of rhythm and meter.’

  • February 2017 Presentation at Meter Symposium 2 - Sydney Conservatorium of Music -   meter in secondary               classroom music and private studios.

  • 2016 December Project collaboration Ski-hill graph video. Is This a March or a Waltz? Then: How to Visualize                 Conflicting Meters. David Kulma and  Professor Richard Cohn.

  • 2016 November Presented Meter in Secondary Music Education Curriculum research paper at the Melbourne               Music Analysis Summer School.

  • July 2016 - June 2017 Co-organized Meter Symposium 2 - Sydney Conservatorium of Music Special Research             Event, February 24 - 25 2017. Panel member for the Meter in Education Forum.

  • July 2016 Research Assistant to Chair of Musicology Unit, History of Emotions project, 11th and 12th-century             liturgical manuscripts, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • July 2016 Adjudicator for the Castle Hill Festival of Performing Arts, Piano Section.

  • June 2016  Coordinated the inaugural Meter Symposium, event of the student-led Meter Study Group, at the                 Sydney Conservatorium of Music modern meter theory, meter theory history and the application of that theory in         music education.

  • April 2016 Lectured on Meter Theory with undergraduate Musicology students at the Sydney Conservatorium of         Music.

  • November 2015 Founded the student-led Meter Study group at the SCM.

  • June 2015 Presented meter The Sydney Conservatorium Graduate Symposium.

  • June 2015 Completed a semester unit of Meter Theory at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music taught by                       Professor Richard Cohn, Battell Professor of the Theory of Music, Yale University.

  • November 2014  Presented co-authored academic paper ‘The Experience of Happiness, and Pleasure in Music             Practice and Performance' at Sydney University Conference ‘Happiness, Joy and Pleasure Conference’.    

  • July 2014 Enrolled in postgraduate research course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Master of Music             (Musicology).

  • February 2013 Accreditation New South Wales Institute of Teachers for Professional Competence.

  • 2013 Awarded the Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators.

  • July 2013 Adjudicator for the Castle Hill Festival of Performing Arts (Pianoforte).

  • 2009 – present Reviews of Music teaching resources; website and CD reviews in The Studio magazine -                         Professional Journal of the Music Teachers’ Association (NSW).

  • Since 1984 piano accompanist for examinations, concerts, HSC, eisteddfods, musical societies, and university           auditions.

  • Performed in chamber music ensembles with many musicians including members of The Queensland Orchestra.       Industry experience playing jazz, music and popular music.

  • Choral conducting in Brisbane and Sydney.

  • Various universities throughout Queensland have employed me to train student teachers in secondary classroom       music teaching.

  • CD and music textbook reviews for the Professional Publication 'The Studio' Journal of the Music Teachers’                 Association (NSW) 2011-2016

My personal goal in teaching is: 

"To foster the life-long love of music in my students"

2017 Working with Children Check clearance: WWC0029819E