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Andrea Calilhanna  
M. Mus. Grad.Dip.T.(Mus) Dip.Mus L.Mus. M.M.T.A.(Council), F.C.S.M.E.

  Piano, music theory, and saxophone all levels and ages for examinations and leisure. AMEB, Trinity, ABRSM.
                                                                                                                                           Live the music you love

  • Sessional academic staff, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Music Theory in the Classroom.

  • Research Assistant, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

  • Graduate research student (Musicology - music curriculum development: meter in music education). 

  • Commenced private studio music teaching and piano accompaniment in 1984 and classroom music teaching in 1991. Studio teaching subjects include piano, saxophone, keyboard, theory, musicianship, classroom music tuition, composition Gregorian Chant. 

  • Member of the following Professional Associations: Council member of the Music Teachers’ Association (NSW) since September 2006 to present; Council member of the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME); Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators (FCSM); Music Council of Australia (MCA); Music Australia; The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (Sempre); Musicological Society of Australia (MSA); Society for Music Theory (SMT); Accompanists’ Guild of NSW; Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS); Society for Music Perception and Cognition; Piaget Society; Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music; Acoustical Society of America.

Some recent achievements:

  • 2019 Conference - Mathematics and Computation in Music, "The art in mathematics, the science in music" Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos, Madrid, Spain. Paper: Milne, A. J. & Calilhanna, A. Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot Study. 

  • 2019 Milne, A. J. & Calilhanna, A. Teaching Music with Mathematics: A Pilot Study. Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • 2018 Master of Music (Musicology) Thesis. Calilhanna, A. Teaching Musical Meter to School-Age Students Through The Ski-Hill Graph. The University of Sydney. Retrieved from

  • 2018 Hamilton, T.J., Doai, J., Milne, A.J., Saisanas, V., Calilhanna, A., Hilton, C., Goldwater, M., Cohn, R.  “Teaching Mathematics with Music: a pilot study.” Accepted for presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE): Engineering Next-Generation Learning, Australia, 4 - 7 December 2018.

  • 2018 Unpublished. Calilhanna, A.M. and Webb, M.Teaching time: A survey of music educators’ approaches to meter, presented at the Meter Symposium 3, Sydney, 2018.

  • 2018 Sessional academic staff Music Education Unit – Teaching Music Theory in the Classroom, Sydney Conservatorium of Music: special focus on Meter.

  • 2017-18 Project collaboration: Teaching Mathematics With Music and Music With Mathematics – Schools Pilot, Sydney (on-going).

  • 2017 December Combined Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Musicological Society: ‘Performing History’- Presented Music Curriculum Paper: ‘A Modern Understanding of Musical Meter in Music Education.’

  • 2017 July ASME National Conference (Melbourne) Presented Music Curriculum paper: ‘Teaching with a Modern Understanding of Musical Meter.’

  • 2017 June NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) register of curriculum writers and reviewers for K-12 Music.

  • 2017 Completed course: Advanced Music Analysis unit Sydney Conservatorium of Music: modern analytical techniques in both tonality and meter.

  • 2017 Co-organised the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Musicology Colloquium Series.

  • 2017, Unpublished. Calilhanna, A. Understanding Teaching Meter Survey Report.     Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • 2016/17  Research Assistant to Senior Lecturer, Music Education Unit, (Thesis Project: Understanding and Teaching Meter Survey and Report), Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • February 2017 Presentation at Meter Symposium 2 - Sydney Conservatorium of Music -   meter in secondary classroom music and private studios.

  • 2016 December Project collaboration Ski-hill graph video. Is This a March or a Waltz? Then: How to Visualize Conflicting Meters. David Kulma and  Professor Richard Cohn.

  • 2016 November Presented Meter in Secondary Music Education Curriculum research paper at the Melbourne Music Analysis Summer School.

  • July 2016 - June 2017 Co-organized Meter Symposium 2 - Sydney Conservatorium of Music Special Research Event, February 24 - 25 2017. Panel member for the Meter in Education Forum. Meter Symposium 2 - Day 1 and Click here for Meter Symposium 2 - Day 2

  • July 2016 Research Assistant to Chair of Musicology Unit, History of Emotions project, 11th and 12th-century liturgical manuscripts, Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • July 2016 Adjudicator for the Castle Hill Festival of Performing Arts, Piano Section.

  • June 2016  Coordinated the inaugural Meter Symposium, event of the student-led Meter Study Group, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music modern meter theory, meter theory history and the application of that theory in music education.

  • April 2016 Lectured on Meter Theory with undergraduate Musicology students at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

  • November 2015 Founded the student-led Meter Study group at the SCM.

  • June 2015 Presented meter The Sydney Conservatorium Graduate Symposium.

  • June 2015 Completed a semester unit of Meter Theory at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music taught by Professor Richard Cohn, Battell Professor of the Theory of Music, Yale University.

  • November 2014  Presented co-authored academic paper ‘The Experience of Happiness, and Pleasure in Music Practice and Performance’ at Sydney University Conference ‘Happiness, Joy and Pleasure Conference’.    
  • July Enrolled in postgraduate research course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music - Master of Music (Musicology).

  • February 2013 Accreditation New South Wales Institute of Teachers for Professional Competence.

  • 2013 Awarded the Collegiate of Specialist Music Educators.

  • July 2013 Adjudicator for the Castle Hill Festival of Performing Arts (Pianoforte).

  • 2009 – present Reviews of Music teaching resources; website and CD reviews in The Studio magazine - Professional Journal of the Music Teachers’ Association (NSW).

  • Since 1984 piano accompanist for examinations, concerts, HSC, eisteddfods, musical societies, and university auditions.

  • Performed in chamber music ensembles with many musicians including members of The Queensland Orchestra. Industry experience playing jazz, music and popular music.

  • Choral conducting in Brisbane and Sydney.

  • Various universities throughout Queensland have employed me to train student teachers in secondary classroom music teaching.

  • CD and music textbook reviews for the Professional Publication 'The Studio' Journal of the Music Teachers’ Association (NSW) 2011-2016

  • 2017 Working with Children Check clearance: WWC0029819E

My personal goal in teaching is: 

"To foster the life-long love of music in my students"


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